Legacy Builders & Construction Services, Inc.

message from jimmy

For over 12 years, my dream for Legacy has been to be a respected organization offering quality construction services, that happens to be a minority owned firm. The Legacy we want to leave is in support of our partners, our clients and the community. As part of that Legacy, we are always seeking ways to include job opportunities & workforce development for underserved communities as well as offer volunteer time whenever possible. Our continued goal: To be a well-rounded organization who delivers beyond expectation, performs exceptionally and leaves a Legacy for a better tomorrow.

History of legacy bcs


The Past

Legacy BCS was started in 2007. Since then we have provided a variety of construction and building services to US, State and Local Government agencies, private sector as well as small and large commercial organizations. 


Legacy has attracted highly experienced leadership and advisors from inside and outside of the construction industry. We believe that the implementation of best business practices, solid leadership and strong partnerships are key to our smart growth plans.


Legacy realizes that we have more to offer our partners and friends by committing to additional certifications. We will be actively applying for our 8(a) certification and always welcome traditional Mentor - Protege programs that provide opportunities for all of us to work on projects intended to boost the economy for all Americans.