Legacy Builders & Construction Services, Inc.


Portfolio Highlights

Maryland Public Health Laboratory - Construction Management, Carpentry, Millwork, workforce development.

234,000 square foot Maryland Public Health Laboratory that included closed labs to isolate heat and noise producing equipment, central accessioning areas to receive and identify routine samples, Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) prescreening labs to process specific samples; additional BSL3 containment areas throughout the building to provide safe and efficient work areas for the diverse laboratory groups in the facility, a self-contained ABSL3 and animal rabies lab, classroom, computer, and laboratory training areas designed to function as surge labs during a public health crisis, installation and commissioning of complex equipment, including large autoclaves and a tissue digester, and, staff office areas, conference rooms, lockers, and break areas on each floor. Legacy also provided workforce development by hiring 4 Baltimore city residents as carpenters.

Howard County General Hospital – USP Pharmacy - Demolition 

4200 SF renovation and build-out of a new pharmacy in Howard County General Hospital

Johns Hopkins Howard County General Hospital Cardiac Rehab - Painting 

Renovation of approximately 5,300 square feet of an existing meeting room suite on the 1st floor of a Medical Office Building. The new work fitout of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Services department (outpatients) of the Howard County General Hospital consists of a large Gym space, with breakroom, office, classroom, & locker room & toilets. 

Kaiser Permanente White Marsh Lab Renovation - General Contractor & Carpentry

Renovation of a 900 square foot occupied lab space located in White Marsh, MD that consisted of demolition and removal of shelving, cabinets and counters; patch, repair and re-finish all affected areas; patch and repair flooring at relocated cabinet areas; cap and reconnect plumbing and fixtures; performed all electrical work; provided material container and debris dumpster.

Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Lab Mock Up - General Contractor

The DHMH Mock Up project design included construction of a full scale mock-up (4,800 square feet) of a section of the laboratory, which includes a typical office, corridor and open lab. The basis of design was used for design details, materials and casework for the mock-up. The actual casework that is to be used in the full scale project was incorporated in this work. Construction of the mock up gave DHMH scientist a tangible view and feel for the designed lab and office space.

The goal was to use the mock-up process to refine the design, especially as it pertains to repetitive elements that spanned the entire DHMH project. As the general contractor, Legacy configured the scope of work to ensure that the mock-up was in budget and provided the scientist that feel and use of the material to be used in the full scale project.